Comprehensive IT Research

Product Evaluations

When it comes to testing enterprise IT products, MagLar stands head and shoulders above the rest, with in-depth hands on testing of the leading IT solutions. You might know us best for our Evaluations, which enable you to compare the features and performance of many vendors at a glance.

Quality Assurance

The world demands high quality software engineering that is delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, this software must be delivered without even minor defects, while also increasing features, scalability, usability and performance. To meet these demands while ensuring superior product quality, test planning should be done as early in the development life cycle as possible.

Retained Research Services

As a member of the MagLar Retained Research Service our analysts will become familiar with your strategy and can proactively alert you to opportunities and threats . With this knowledge of your strategy, we can also serve as a press reference during the product launch process as well as many other services including Beta coordination services, Competitive Battle Cards, Competitive FAQs, Competitive Video Analysis and Podcasts.