Retained Research Services for Vendors.

As a member of the MagLar Retained Research Service our analysts will become familiar with your strategy and can proactively alert you to opportunities and threats . With this knowledge of your strategy, we can also serve as a press reference during the product launch process. As a member of the MagLar Retained Research service, you are eligible to receive our Retained Research pricing to other related services including:

Beta coordination

Often the product beta test program with customers is one of the last things a product manager has time to organize and operate during the final phase of product development. Our beta coordinators can offload product management from the tasks of customer recruitment, meeting coordination, dry-runs, surveys, while keeping product managers squarely in the role of communicating new features to customers and gathering their feedback.

Competitive Battle Card

Vendors often need to explain the importance of their offering to their sales force and channel in a clear two page document. Battle cards can position your product offering relative to that of a leading competitor including key kill points.

Competitive FAQ

To help your customers better understand why your solution is the best fit, we take your competitive questions and search for answers in our hands-on lab. The resulting FAQ can also be used with your sales force to arm them with knowledge of a competitor's solution during POCs and highly competitive sales situations.

Competitive Video Analysis New competitors appear constantl

And with shrinking budgets and growing responsibilities, time and resources are constrained to be able to drill down into a competitor’s solution. However with Competitive Video Analysis, we provide the drill down and analysis in form of a video, to help you better understand the competitor solution quickly and easily.


A podcast is an easy way to get your messages across effectively. A 7-minute podcast can provide fresh content for your website and can help focus on an important customer problem and solution.

Customer Case Study

Customer case studies are an excellent way to prove value to prospects. This report of up to 3,000 words can be written with or without the customer name.

Additional consulting hours

Retained Research customers can purchase additional consulting hours or days at a discounted rate. Rates depend on the project.

All reports include the ability to print or distribute via the web.