The world demands high quality software engineering that is delivered on time and within budget. Additionally, this software must be delivered without even minor defects, while also increasing features, scalability, usability and performance. To meet these demands while ensuring superior product quality, test planning should be done as early in the development lifecycle as possible.

Expert testing based on a set of activities aimed at controlling quality and functionality from early development. In the planning phase, our expert test planning process helps to significantly reduce testing and costs by analyzing and planning the appropriate mix or automated and manual testing required to deliver a high-quality product releases on time.

In development and quality phase , our expert testing identifies system defects quickly and efficiently.

Our quality assurance practice includes specialists with advanced technical skills and industry-leading expertise. Our stringent interview process and ongoing training program ensures our that QA engineers develop their technical competence. Our comprehensive, ongoing training program enables our engineers to stay in sync with latest technology.

MagLar provides specialists experienced in software testing across different business domains and built on various technologies – from desktop applications to complex multi-tiered enterprise systems.